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Clutch Bleeder Assembly (CBEA)(CJAA)
Clutch Bleeder Assembly (CBEA)(CJAA)
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W5W Long-Life Bulb
W5W Long-Life Bulb
A5 Jetta & MkVI Golf/Jetta Front Brake Set
OE Part Number: 1K0615301T/3C0698151A

We've put together the best OE replacement and upgrade brake products available into a set for the front of your MkV Jetta TDI or MkIV Jetta, Golf or Sportwagen.


There are three rotor options available:
  • Fremax High Carbon - the default rotors on this kit are our highest recommended rotor too. The high carbon formula resists warping and dissipates heat much more quickly than traditional rotors. Painted on the non-contact surfaces
  • Meyle Platinum - Myle's platinum rotor line is a high quality, fully plated rotor.
  • Zimmerman Z-Coat - Z-Coat plating over the entire rotor, Zimmerman rotors have always been at the top of the aftermarket


We now recommend the new style "Ceramic" pads for their low-dust and longer life than traditional pads. By default, this kit comes with PowerStop Ceramic pads. The full set of brake pad options include:

  • IDParts OE-Spec - made to match the performance and longevity of the OE factory pads.
  • IDParts Ceramic - new ceramic material lasts longer and doesn’t dust up wheels.
  • Jurid – traditional, organic European style pad with linear engagement and moderate dust.
  • Textar – another OEM supplier to VW, Textar pads have great initial bite.
  • Akebono Ceramic - the ultimate in performance, Akebono is the market leader in high performance ceramic brake pads.
  • IDParts Race - the highest friction pad we carry made up of a high carbon material. Best stopping power, but less life than traditional or ceramic pads.

For vehicles that are due for a brake fluid change as well, 2 liters of fluid will allow for a complete flush.

For cars with 288mm rotors. Not for Jetta/Golf Sportwagen TDI or TDI Cup Edition with 312mm rotors, for those cars see the 312mm Brake Set.

Available Options:
Rotor Option:
Brake Pads:
New Rotor Screws (2): (+$2.00) 
SONAX Wheel Cleaner: (+$9.95) 
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 VW OEM DOT4 Brake Fluid (1L)   VW OEM DOT4 Brake Fluid (1L)   Volkswagen OEM Brake Fluid in a 1L can. DOT4 approved for maximum brake feel and resistance to fade. We recommend...   $14.50 
 Motive Power Bleeder for European   Motive Power Bleeder for European   The fastest, most effective way to bleed the brake hydraulics and clutch hydraulics on your TDI. Fill the tool with...   $58.95 
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11 This product fits the following vehicles 11
  • Golf TDI MkVI w/ 2.0 CJAA Engine (2010-2014)
  • Jetta TDI MkV (A5 chassis) w/ 1.9 BRM Engine (2005-2006)
  • Jetta TDI MkV (A5 chassis) w/ 2.0 CBEA/CJAA Engine (2009-2010)
  • Jetta TDI MkVI w/ 2.0 CJAA Engine (2011-2014)
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