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Oil Filter [Mahle] (CRUA)(CVCA)
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Wurth Aktiv Clean
Garrett VNT-17/22 Hybrid Turbo (A4 ALH)
Manufacturer's Part Number: 1700250038

This hybrid turbo is the best of both worlds. The plug and play manifold of a VNT-17, the responsiveness of a smaller turbo, and the improved air flow of a VNT-22.

The 17/22 uses the VNT-17 exhaust, manifold, and actuator, and the compressor from the VNT-22. This provides faster spooling than a stock 17, and far better low-RPM torque than a larger turbo. This turbo can easily run boost up to 26 PSI.

This is a high performance turbo intended to be used in TDIs that have, at minimum, upgraded nozzles, exhaust, and tuning. Ideally, it should be combined with a higher pressure injection pump and improved charge air cooling (intercooler).

These hybrids are assembled from all new parts from one of Garrett's largest distributors/service centers. They are balanced and tested, and come with a full warranty against manufacturing defects.

This turbo will bolt right up to the manifold and exhaust, requiring only minor heat shield changes (can be done by hand during installation). Price includes assembly gaskets, washers, and nuts. The stock intercooler hose can be stretched over the turbo's compressor exit, but this should be fitted to the turbo before installing the turbo in the car.

If you have a stock intake from the airbox, you should purchase the Turbo Inlet Reducer Hose shown below. This will fit on your stock intake and also fit the larger turbo compressor intake (about 2.25").

Model Years 1999.5 and 2000 will need an updated turbo bracket for this turbo.

17/22 Piping Adapter Kit
The 17/22 IC piping adapter kit inludes our Upgraded Lower Intercooler Pipe which includes a correct size turbo-outlet hose and larger pancake replacement pipe, as well as an inlet adapter to make your OEM turbo intake pipe (TIP) fit the larger 17/22 inlet.

For more information on this turbo and what it can do for your TDI, consult the article on turbo upgrades on TDIBlog.com. And feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Available Options:
17/22 Piping Adapter Kit: (+$160.00) 
Turbo Bracket: (+$9.85) 
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 BRM Exhaust (Turbo) Manifold Block Off Plate (BRM Only)   BRM Exhaust (Turbo) Manifold Block Off Plate (BRM Only)   This block off plate is for BRM engines at the exhaust manifold ONLY. Block off plate for the turbo manifold. This...   $18.95 
 Intercooler Hose Clamp (70mm)   Intercooler Hose Clamp (70mm)   Larger size intercooler hose clamp for 70mm diameters. These work will on 2.5" tubes with hose. These are used OEM on...   $8.20 
 Turbo Inlet Reducer Hose   Turbo Inlet Reducer Hose   This aftermarket reducer hose can be used to attach a stock airbox to intake pipe to a VNT-17/22 hybrid turbo.   $14.95 
 Turbo Oil Feed Line (A4 ALH)   Turbo Oil Feed Line (A4 ALH)   Oil feed line for VNT-15 and VNT-17 turbos for use in A4 chassis vehicles with ALH engines. This feed line also works...   $59.95 
 Turbo Oil Feed Line Banjo Washers (A3)(B4)(A4)   Turbo Oil Feed Line Banjo Washers (A3)(B4)(A4)   Included with a new oil feed line. Only necessary if you are re-using your old line.Set of 2 copper crush...   $1.80 
 Turbo Oil Feed Line [OEM] (A4 ALH)   Turbo Oil Feed Line [OEM] (A4 ALH)   Oil feed line for VNT-15 and VNT-17 turbos for use in A4 chassis vehicles with ALH engines. This feed line also works...   $79.95 
 Turbo Oil Return Line (ALH)   Turbo Oil Return Line (ALH)   Oil return line for VNT-15 turbo on A4 chassis cars with engine code ALH. From VW.   $79.95 
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11 This product fits the following vehicles 11
  • Golf TDI MkIV (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (1999-2003)
  • Jetta TDI MkIV (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (1999-2003)
  • New Beetle TDI (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (1998-2003)
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