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Free 8 oz Opti Lube XPD with $100 Order!

Fuel additives protect your fuel system, improve your MPGs, assist with cold starts and prevent fuel gelling from ruining your trip.  With today’s high-performance fuel pumps lubricity is more important than ever.

Opti-Lube has been our best-selling brand of diesel fuel additives for years and we’ve been impressed with cold starting performance and MPG bumps.  If you’re on the fence about the benefits of a fuel additive, we’ll give you an 8 oz. bottle of Opti-Lube XPD FOR FREE when you add it to your cart on any order over $100! (note: discount will be shown during checkout at the confirmation screen)

Opti-Lube XPD is the do-it-all additive complete with lubricity enhancers, cetane boosters and anti-gel additives so is a great option year round regardless of location!  XPD can be run in a 4/1 ratio, so the free 8 oz bottle can treat up to 32 gallons of diesel!

Want something more specific?  Opti-Lube makes a wide variety of blends for many situations:

  • Is lubricity your main concern? Opti-Lube XL Extreme is concentrated lubricity for maximum protection which can be run as lean as 512:1 ratio!
  • Cold temps a concern? Opti-Lube Winter prioritizes anti-gel and lubricity for maximum cold performance!
  • Want performance boost in warm weather? Opti-Lube Summer gets cetane boosters and lubricity enhancers without the anti-gel additives!
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