Garrett PD140 Turbo (A5 BRM)

OEM Number: 03G253010 Manufacturer Number: 1700250131


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Upgraded PD140 edition turbocharger for the 05-06 Jetta TDI w/ BRM engine.

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Turbo Oil Return Line (A5 BRM) Turbo Oil Return Line (A5 BRM)2005-2005 A5/MkV Jetta TDI Turbocharger oil return line, comes with two new o-rings. 2005-2005 A5/MkV Jetta TDI Turbocharger oil return line, comes with two new o-rings.... $49.13
Turbo Oil Feed Line (PD140) Turbo Oil Feed Line (PD140)Turbocharger oil feed line for Volkswagen Passat with the 2.0T engine. This oil feed line can be used on the A5 Turbocharger oil feed line for Volkswagen Passat with the 2.0T engine. This oil feed line can be used on the A5... $59.95
Turbocharger Installation Lubricant Turbocharger Installation LubricantLubricant specifically designed for pre-lubrication of a new turbocharger. 20ml tube. Lubricant specifically designed for pre-lubrication of a new turbocharger. 20ml tube.... $9.95

Garrett upgrade turbo for BRM engines, from 140 HP 8 valve TDI (engine code BMM, 140 HP) in Europe. This turbo is a good mild upgrade from the Borg-Warner stock turbo. Can easily run 24 PSI and boost is less likely to creep when running more fuel.

Includes our turbocharger install kit.

Revised Oil Feed Line Required

This turbocharger requires the use of the PD140 oil feed line.  Available below.

EGT Port Information

This turbo includes an EGT port. If you don't plan to use an EGT probe then an oil drain plug will fit in the port and block it off.  You can add a drain plug to your order for free by using the checkbox below.

Smart Actuator Upgrade Information

This turbo ships with a vacuum actuator that does not include an electrical connection for the "smart" actuator feedback loop. Stock OE tunes require the feedback loop or they will set an engine light. Some tuners prefer having the smart feedback loop available in their programming and others will simply remove it from the tune.  Consult your tuner of choice to decide if you need to use a smart actuator. 

The smart actuator will be shipped seperately of the turbocharger, along with an extension stud and long nut which will extend the smart actuator so it can be used with the PD140 design.  After installing the smart actuator, you will need to calibrate it to the turbocharger.

Cross References and Supersessions:
About Garrett Garret, along with Borg Warner, are the OE manufacturer for factory VW turbochargers. Garrett turbos deliver significantly better whole-life value than lower-cost non-genuine alternatives when taking into account reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and longevity.

Garrett warranties its turbos for 12 months from date of purchase, regardless of mileage. Warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis, where Garrett determines the cause of failure and whether it's a manufacturing, installation, or operating defect.

To file a claim we need:

  • Your vehicle's VIN number
  • Date and mileage when the turbo was installed
  • Date and mileage when the turbo was removed

We forward this information to our Garrett distributor with the turbo. The distributor makes a preliminary inspection: if the cause of failure is obvious they will honor or deny the warranty claim. This usually takes about 5 days from the date they receive the turbo. If the cause of failure is not obvious to them they will forward the turbo to Garrett's R&D facility in Los Angeles for further inspection. That inspection and reporting on findings can take up to six weeks.

If the customer wants a turbo from IDParts to replace the turbo sent in for warranty inspection, s/he must purchase the turbo at our current price. If Garrett honors the warranty claim and agrees to replace the failed turbo, IDParts will refund the purchase price of the replacement turbo. The replacement turbo will not be refunded if the warranty claim is denied.

  • Jetta TDI MkV (A5 chassis) w/ 1.9 BRM Engine (2005-2006)

Frequently Asked Questions

This turbo is a "bolt on" upgrade when purchased with the Smart actuator & oil feed line. However, the response curve of this turbocharger is VERY different than the stock turbocharger, so optimal performance will require retuning the car.
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