Glow Plug Set 5V Steel [Bosch] (Liberty CRD)

OEM Number: 68090430AA Manufacturer Number: 0250402003


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New style steel glow plug for the Jeep Liberty CRD.

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Intake Elbow Gasket & Seal Kit (Liberty CRD) Intake Elbow Gasket & Seal Kit (Liberty CRD)Set of gaskets for the intake elbow on the Liberty CRD. Includes both square molded gaskets and o-ring seal for Set of gaskets for the intake elbow on the Liberty CRD. Includes both square molded gaskets and o-ring seal for... $9.99

New style steel glow plug for the Jeep Liberty CRD. 

** PLEASE NOTE ** Based on customer feedback and our own testing with cold starts, we recommend the 5V plugs regardless of programming.  Using 5V plugs with 7V programming will not cause a check engine light.  Running 5V plugs at 7V may reduce life and will void the warranty, however, many owners have run the 5V plugs for many years so far without issue.  Whatever voltage you choose, all plugs must match.

Bosch is the world leader in automotive engine technology. Bosch provides injection systems for the majority of cars on the road today, including nearly all diesel models. Bosch manufacturers everything from injection pump, injectors to Mass Airflow Sensors (MAF) and headlights for all the German automobile manufacturers.
  • Liberty CRD (KJ) w/ 2.8L VM Turbodiesel (2005-2006)

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Jeep fires up great, every time. Running with the original 7v ECM tune so they heat up faster. Under normal use this won\'t hurt these glow plugs. The second reason these are an upgrade is because the ceramic tips can break off of the factory glow plugs, and gore the inside of your engine. These are steel, so they won\'t do that.


I did the research and ordered these for my '06 Jeep Liberty CRD. They've been installed for nearly a month and all I can say is that I don't miss those ceramic glow plugs one bit. It's been down in the low 20s already and no issues starting the rig up each morning. Quality product and fast shipping.


I have been using these 5v glowplugs for almost two winters now with the original 7v ECU calibration and have good performance so far.


Parts were delivered promptly. I have not used them yet.


I\'m getting 2+ years before they burn out


these ended my starting issues

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