Oil Filter Drain Tool (EA288)

OEM Number: WH930V Manufacturer Number: WH930V


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Innovative oil filter drain tool for the EA288 series engine.



Drain tool for the EA288 oil filter housing.  The oil filter on the EA288 series engine is a cartridge style filter that is oriented downwards, not upwards.  This means that the oil filter housing must be drained first before removing the spindle cap.

There is a drain plug on the spindle cap, allowing the oil to be drained.  However, there are a variety of hoses and wiring harnesses in the way, and draining the housing results in oil spilling all over those parts.  Engine oil is corrosive to rubber products, particularly coolant hoses, so these hoses must be kept clean of oil.

This tool allows you to remove the drain plug for the oil filter spindle cap and allow the oil to drain cleanly through an integrated tube into an oil drain pan or catch bottle.  The tool has an integrated swivel so that the spindle cap plug can be unscrewed without the integrated hose swinging loose of its position.

For all EA288 series engines, including the CVCA in the Jetta & Passat TDI along with the CRUA engine in the Mk7 Golf & Golf Sportwagen.

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  • A3 TDI (8V) w/ 2.0L CRUA Engine (2015)
  • Beetle TDI w/ 2.0L CVCA Engine (2015)
  • Golf SportWagen TDI w/ 2.0L CRUA Engine (2015)
  • Golf TDI Mk7 w/ 2.0 CRUA Engine (2015)
  • Jetta TDI Mk6 w/ 2.0 EA288 CVCA Engine (2015)
  • Passat TDI (NMS Chassis) w/ CVCA Engine (2015)

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I called to see if there were any special offers coming up when I ordered the oil change kit for my 2015 Jetta. They told me that they would be offering this as a free add on in the near future but they would include it with my order. It is very easy to use and I didn't spill a drop of oil changing the filter in the new location. Your design team and customer service are the best!


Sure makes the oil filter change a lot cleaner


Great, simple tool for a DUMB VW design!


Clever tool, thanks




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