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The Opti-Box is the best way to securely carry diesel fuel additives in your diesel. Heavy duty construction similar to a battery or ammunition box with a latch securing top. Top has integrated o-ring to limit odors and scents from escaping the box - anyone who has used additives regularly knows how aromatic they can be. The smell from a small spill can last for months or even years. The Opti-Box protects your car from all of this.

Customize your Opti-Box buy choosing the fluid you need below. 6, 8oz bottles are included of your formulation choice. All Opti-Lube formulations provide exceptional lubrication in the fuel system, helping overcome the loss in lubricity with the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). It helps the fuel burn more completely, reducing harmful deposits. It also shows a 35% wear reduction in the ASTM D-5001 Wear Test. Choices include:

  • Opti-Lube Winter Formula is specifically designed to stop fuel waxing and gelling in extreme cold, and also improves stability of ULSD during storage.
  • Opti-Lube XPD Diesel Fuel Improver is the ultimate performance diesel fuel additive. Improves cetane, enhances lubricity & clean injectors.
  • Opti-Lube XL Extreme contains the highest amount of lubrication additive of any of the formulations.  Lower dilution ratio than XPD means XL Extreme treats more fuel and lasts longer.

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Opti-lube produces excellent diesel fuel additives, with different formulations to fit different needs. From their website: "Opti-Lube's main objective with our additives is quality. Everyone has different goals in mind for treating the fuel they put in their vehicle, so our products try to work with every goal and climate to produce positive experiences for our clients. All of our products are safe to use with DPF equipped engines."

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