Split-Beam Torque Wrench 3/8 in. (20-100)

Manufacturer Number: PIC2FR100F


Universal Fit

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3/8th inch drive torque wrench, 20-100 ft/lbs. range.


3/8th inch drive torque wrench, 20-100 ft/lbs. range.

A good quality, easy to use, reliable torque wrench is the most important part of a tool collection. Especially important on complex jobs like timing belts and clutches, where a improperly torqued bolt could mean a stripped engine mount or a tensioner that doesn't hold properly.

Most torque wrenches use a rotating handle to set the torque, these are hard to use and will lose calibration over time, especially if not reset to zero after each use.

The "split-beam" style wrenches we use don't have these disadvantages. Torque is set using a rotating dial on the side of the wrench and the dial can be left at any setting without causing damage to the wrench. Even better, the dial turns extremely easily as there is no spring pressure on the dial.

The manufacturer, Precision Instruments, is known for the high quality, professional grade torque products they produce. All internal pieces are welded, ensuring that this torque wrench lasts throughout the years.

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