Upgraded Fan Pulley Bracket Kit (Liberty CRD)

Manufacturer Number: CRDFANKIT


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Upgraded billet aluminum Jeep Liberty CRD fan pulley bracket. Includes new custom machined bracket, pulley and upgraded bearing.


Upgrade your Jeep CRD fan pulley with this billet bracket and pulley kit.  

Replacement new fan brackets are no longer available, so before now repairing your fan pulley & bracket meant hunting around junkyards for rare CRDs  and harvesting already used brackets that will fail quickly.

This kit is a fully machined billet aluminum that uses a much larger bearing between the bracket and fan pulley. 

Made in the USA.

Note: the repair kit is no longer available.  Pressing new bearings into the old housing often resulted in material failure of the housing.  Please contact us if you would like to retrofit your repair kit with a new bracket.

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  • Liberty CRD (KJ) w/ 2.8L VM Turbodiesel (2005-2006)

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