About Us

Since 2005 IDParts has strived to meet the particular needs of diesel owners, who often have difficulty finding the right parts, advice, and service. Our mission is simple - provide the best selection of OEM quality parts, at great prices, in-stock and available to everyone. We use the products we sell on our own vehicles every day, so we always make sure the items we offer are of the highest quality.

What Makes IDParts Different

We drive these cars. We love diesels. Love them. From our first TDIs to Jeep CRDs, Mercedes Diesels and more, we have owned and love many of the models we support and we actually understand why you love them too. We are excited and interested in things that others might find silly like nice quality gaskets, OEM hardware and service kits that actually give you everything you need!

Today, there are a million online stores all selling the same stuff with copied photos and no useful information. Unlike all those places, we actually know about the parts we sell - we have used and installed most of them personally. We also focus on quality and reliability. Those who buy diesels think differently - they buy higher quality items because they plan on keeping and driving their car much, much longer than most others do. We source parts with that in mind.

IDParts focuses on sourcing OE or better-than-OE quality parts and keeping such high quality parts in-stock at all times so we can keep you on the road.

Unlike the majority of online stores today, at IDParts.com we run our own warehouse and stock nearly everything we sell. IDParts is not a "marketplace" where your information is shared with some hidden third party, requiring you to jump through hoops to get support or information. Every order, every part, every kit, everything sold on IDParts is handled by us. We also practice REAL TIME INVENTORY and inventory status is clearly labeled on every product on our site and on the shopping cart view, so there are no mysteries about when you will receive your parts!

Our Customer Service

 IDParts LLC BBB Business Review

Our roots are based in the online diesel enthusiast communities like TDIClub.com and the CRD forum on LostJeeps.com. We actually know many of our customers by their forum names! We work hard to respond promptly, listen to feedback, pack carefully and ship quickly. Any product concerns of our customers become our product concerns because we use our own parts when working on our own cars, and we prioritize answering questions and fixing any problems that may arise.

IDParts has an A+ rating on the BBB and 5-star ratings on eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, among others.

Brief History

IDParts was first founded over a decade ago as TDIParts and catered exclusively to TDIClub members and VW TDIs. Through our commitment to quality products, under-the-hood product knowledge, competitive pricing and quick shipping, IDParts has grown from two guys in a garage to a real online specality store for diesel engines. The TDI focus was expanded to Jeep CRDs in 2009 and Mercedes was added in 2010. Today, IDParts actively stocks over 5,000 different parts and covers diesels from VW, Audi, Jeep, Dodge/Ram, Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet and Sprinter Vans. As the diesel market grows, IDParts will continue to work to bring our speciality focus to new makes and models.

IDParts serves customers globally, with the majority of customers in the USA and Canada, but also customers in Austrailia, New Zealand, Western Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

1 Pond Park Rd. Unit 2
Hingham MA 02043
Phone: 888-444-7951 / 781-312-7719
Fax: 781-924-5340