MityVac Silverline Automotive Test Kit

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The must have tool for every diesel owner now available at IDParts ...


The must have tool for every diesel owner now available at IDParts

Having a reliable vacuum pump in your toolbox will make diagnosing and repairing your TDI, Jeep or Mercedes easier. This model is the best MityVac has to offer. The tool itself is made of aluminum (not plastic). The MV8500 has two modes of operation and a dial for selecting vacuum or pressure. On the top of the unit is a vacuum/pressure gauge.

Vacuum Testing
Many of the primary engine systems rely on vacuum for operation. This includes the turbo actuator and brakes on all models as well as EGR and anti-shudder valves on earlier year TDIs. The MightyVac can be used to diagnose low-power or limp mode by checking for vacuum leaks and showing the real amount of vacuum getting to the turbocharger. THe gauge can also assist in diagnosing a faulty check valve or a weak vacuum pump.

Fuel System Priming
There is no better way to prime a fuel system then to vacuum pull fuel. Especially useful when doing fuel filter changes, put in the new filter, hook up the line to the fuel tank and use the MightyVac to pull fuel into the filter. No more rough starts or stalling after fuel filter changes. Also great for priming new fuel or injection pumps. This MV8500 kit includes a measuring beaker attachment and fuel will be pulled into the beaker when the system is properly primed.

Brake Bleeeding
While we prefer pressure bleeding, using the MV8500 with the beaker attachment is an efficient way of doing smaller brake fluid bleeds on brake calipers or clutch lines.

Full Service Kit
The MV850 includes a wide variety of attachements and accessories. This includes clear vacuum lines, different size vacuum caps, plugs (so you can block off vacuum port when looking for leaks) and restrictors. Also includes a measured beaker when pulling fluids during priming or brake bleeding.

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Work great for siphoning the fuel out of the pump and for priming the fuel system on an ALH TDI fuel pump seal repair.

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