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Doing your own oil changes is the easiest way to save time and money while ensuring your TDI is cared for properly.  This kit includes all the items you need to complete an oil change yourself without ever crawling underneath your car.

This kit includes:

  • 5 Liters/Quarts of VW 507.00 approved oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil Drain Plug w/ Seal
  • 6 Liter Oil Extractor
  • IDParts 32mm Oil Filter Wrench

6-Liter Oil Extractor

Oil Extractors make oil changes quick, clean, safe and easy.  Simply push the extractor tube down the oil dipstick tube until it hits the bottom of the oil pan.  Then, pump the handle on the top of the extractor until oil starts flowing into the container.   Check out the how-to link at the bottom of the page to see how these work.

Oil Options

All oil options in this kit are approved VWAG 507.00 specification oils. The VW 507.00 specification is specifically for the newest TDI models with particulate filters. It is vital to the health of the TDI emissions systems to use the correct 507.00 specification oil. Using a 507.00 approved oil also protects your VW warranty. Options include:

  • Total Ineo Long Life 504/507 - our best selling 507.00 specification oil.
  • Liqui Moly Long Life III - the newest 507.00 formulation from Liqui Moly.  Made in Germany.
  • Pentosin Super Performance III - highest rated 507.00 in independent testing for wear protection.  Made in Germany.
  • Castrol EDGE Professional LL03 - OEM VW & Audi oil used at dealerships.
  • Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 - 507.00 approval with high HTHS.

All are 507.00 approved and are 5w30 weight oils. (all 507.00 oils are 5w30 viscosity)

Available Options:


Oil Filter:

Drain Plug:

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In Stock
  • A3 TDI (8P) w/ 2.0L CBEA Engine (2009-2014)
  • Beetle TDI w/ 2.0L CJAA Engine (2013-2014)
  • Golf TDI Mk6 w/ 2.0 CJAA Engine (2010-2014)
  • Jetta TDI Mk6 w/ 2.0 CJAA Engine (2011-2014)
  • Jetta TDI MkV (A5 chassis) w/ 2.0 CBEA/CJAA Engine (2009-2010)
  • Sportwagen TDI w/ 2.0L CBEA/CJAA Engine (2009-2014)
IDParts Expert Kits are made for the expert DIY'er or professional. Containing all the parts needed to get the job done, these kits are custom assembled by IDParts using the highest quality components from manufacturers around the world.

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