15 Liter Oil Extractor

Manufacturer Number: EXT-15-S/G/PRO


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Professional grade hand-operated oil extractor with oversize 15L capacity.

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EXtoil Extractor Extension Tube (4.5 ft) EXtoil Extractor Extension Tube (4.5 ft)Extension tube for EXtoil brand oil extractors. For use with vehicles where the oil dipstick tube is long or hard to reach. Extension tube for EXtoil brand oil extractors. For use with vehicles where the oil dipstick tube is long or hard to reach.... $4.95

Professional grade oil extrator by EXtoil with huge 15L oil capacity is the best choice for 5, 6 and 8 cylinder diesel engines that use more than 7 quarts of oil. Extra thick reinforced plastic container.  Comes with tubes.

Oil extractors use the oil disptick tube to access the oil pan.  Push the appropriate size tube down the oil dipistick hole until you hit the oil pan and then pump the extractor.  Oil will be pulled up out of the oil pan and into the extractor.

Buying an oil extractor allows you to complete a "top side" oil change on some models.  Top side oil changes mean you never need to climb underneath the car.  If your engine has a cartridge oil filter located underneath the hood you can complete a top side oil change using using an oil extractor.

Most modern diesels and even gasoline models use top-side oil filters. Including

  • VW TDIs, model year 1999-2014
  • Most Audi TDIs
  • All Mercedes Diesels
  • All BMW Diesels
  • 2007 Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel
  • 2014+ Ram & Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel
  • All Sprinter models

Available Extractor Options

  • Gauge Upgrade - adds a built in vacuum gauge so you know when you have created enough vacuum and when you need to pump more
  • Professional - adds a shop-air powered valve to make oil extraction completely effortless. Also includes built-in-gauge and manual pump handle for when compressed air isn't available.


EXtoil designs and manufacturers fluid handling tools specifically designed for machine maintenance. Designed with features that are actually useful and helpful to the user, EXtoil makes both consumer and professional level fluid handling tools, including extractors, pumps and specialty accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some dipstick tubes are thinner than others. Use the thickest diameter possible to speed up the extraction of oil from the oil pan.
Total tube length is 6 feet. The tube that goes into the engine is 3 feet. If you need a longer tube to reach the oil pan an extension tube is available separately. Look under add on items to add the extension tube.
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What our customers say...

I have done at least a dozen oil changes with the extractor, I still occasionally drive on ramps and drop the belly pan to catch oil for Blackstone analysis and to check the magnetic drain plug. I have used to pre drain my diesel compact tractor, Zero turn Cub Cadet and pressure washers oil sump as they are poorly designed for oil change draining and it prevents a mess????. Great tool.


It sucked...literally it sucked 4.5 quarts of oil from the bowels of my 06 Golf TDI in about 2 minutes. My old 6 liter system failed after 16 years. I could have paid less at Amazon, but I like shopping at Idparts.


I\'ve had for 5 years and still works as good as it did the first time.


Made it super easy!


did the job


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