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MANN ProVent 400 Oil Separator Element MANN ProVent 400 Oil Separator ElementNew oil filter separator element for ProVent 400 CCV filter systems. New oil filter separator element for ProVent 400 CCV filter systems.... $49.95


Installing a Provent 400 into your crank case ventilation system prevents oil vapors from making it into your engine's intake.  Oil vapors in the intake can mix with soot from the EGR, clogging the intake with a thick, oily sludge.  This sludge will block intake ports and, on some models, can cause flaps inside the intake to jam.

The ProVent is the best option for redirecting that oil vapor and capturing it in the filtration system. This container is big enough to require emptying only at each oil change.  The Provent 400 is rated for 400l/m of blowby gas and can be used in parallel if necessary.

One filter element is already installed inside the ProVent housing.  Additional elements are available.

Installation Instructions

We do not provide installation instructions with this product as each model is very different.  We recommend visiting your favorite forum to research different mounting & installtion options.

MANN-FILTER is a leading global OEM supplier for oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and cabin filters for automobile manufacturers around the world. A large portion of VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes factory and OE replacement filters are MANN-FILTER products. Choosing MANN-FILTER ensures OEM filtration ratings and OEM fit and finish.

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