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Oil change kit for the 2014+ Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L Ecodiesel. The 3.0L diesel engine from VM Motori requires oil that meets Chrysler specification for synthetic, low-ash oil.  This kit includes an oil filter and 8 quarts of factory approved oil.

** NEW OIL REQUIREMENT - as of July 2016 Chrysler now requires oil that meets MS-10902/Cummins 20081 for the Ecodiesel. **

Oils in this list are MS-10902/Cummins 20081 approved.

  • Gulf Super Duty Synthetic HD 5w40 - full synthetic, heavy duty engine oil formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of most major manufacturers of diesel engines.
  • Shell Rotella T6 5w40 - Chrysler dealership OE service oil and FCA specifically recommended
  • Kendall SHP Diesel 5w40-  full-synthetic engine oil developed for use in four-stroke cycle diesel engines operating under extreme temperature conditions (shipped as 2/1-gallon bottles)
  • Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme 5w40 - endorsed and recommended specifically by Cummins 

Select between Mahle, UFI, and OE Mopar for the oil filter. The UFI oil filter in this kit is compeltely identical to the OE Mopar filter. In fact, UFI supplies the factory filter to both VM Motori during engine assembly and Mopar for OEM dealer sales.

Free pair of nitrile gloves with every oil change kit order.

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Oil Filter:

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27mm Filter Wrench (EcoDiesel)(LWN)(N57) 27mm Filter Wrench (EcoDiesel)(LWN)(N57) $9.95
15 Liter Oil Extractor 15 Liter Oil Extractor $129.00
  • Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel (WK2) w/ 3.0L VM L630 Engine (2014-2017)
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