Diesel Fitment Guarantee

IDParts specializes in diesel engines. This means we can offer our exclusive Diesel Fitment Guarantee. We Guarantee that EVERY PART LISTED FOR YOUR DIESEL FITS YOUR DIESEL. No more "I think the gas version takes a different one" or guessing games with VIN numbers. Before we offer any part, we personally check it to be sure it fits the diesel vehicle it is listed for.

Small Print: Understandably, we cannot guarantee fitment on vehicles which have been modified. This includes things like engine swaps, transmission swaps, turbocharger or intercooler upgrades - basically anything that has modified the vehicle away from its factory-stock form. It is not possible to account for every combination and modification, so if you have any questions about a particular part and your unique vehicle please contact us before purchasing. We are happy to share any knowledge we have about parts that may work, but parts installed on a modified vehicle does not qualify for our Diesel Fitment Guarantee.